Be a marine warrior and fight for our oceans



The effects of environmental exploitation can be felt at all levels; from global warming undergoing at an unprecedented rate to mass extinction of species both on land and at sea. Humans being interlinked with nature will suffer similar consequences, our vulnerability equally balanced on a tipping scale. The introduction of the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals in 2015 comprising of targeting climate action, responsible consumption and production, clean water and sanitation as well as protecting life below water hence echoes the importance of every individual’s concerted efforts to contributing to safeguarding the marine biosphere of our seas and oceans.

Statistics have shown that oceans provide us with more than 50% of oxygen in the atmosphere and absorbs majority of the carbon dioxide greenhouse gases. Oceans also provides home to more variety of wildlife than on land. It is imperative that humanity ensure the continuity of its functionality. However, the selfish and greedy nature of humans makes many of the government policy makers and powerful firm executives ignorant and indifferent to the environment; unregulated activities such as pollution often riddle the seas where it is untraceable. The species that are most vulnerable yet paramount to the delicate marine ecosystem have been identified to be phytoplankton as well as corals which are the main focus of translation of aid through awareness and research funding.

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